Healthcare facilities that approve of Medicare plans

Just like many other private insurance companies, Aetna is also a private health insurance company which has made a contract with the Medicare to provide the healthcare perks to its members under name of the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans. As most of the health insurers only allow their members to get healthcare services from within network, Aetna also does same because it, in turn, lowers your out-of-pocket costs. The major types of Medicare Supplement scheme which are offered by Aetna are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) (other types are offered as well).

Healthcare providers

If you are enrolled in the Medicare Supplement plan of a particular private health insurance company, then you will be allowed to get the healthcare services only from those healthcare facility providers who lie within the network of service providers of that plan provider. The service providers of Aetna Medicare Supplement plan include the specialists, primary care doctors, surgical facility, labs, radiotherapy centers, dental care centers, pharmacies, and some other health-care professionals.  Get more information and a quote at the following link:

The services providers who lie in plan’s network usually make a contract with plan provider to offer better care and at lower rates (discounts) than higher rates which are charged to those who do not have a Medicare Supplement plan. Therefore, service providers who lie in your plan’s network easily accept your copayment or other approved coinsurance costs as fee for Medicare-covered services.

Well, it also depends on plan that you go for that whether you can use plan’s network for healthcare or you can opt for out-of-network service providers as well.

Finding service providers

Best way to look for service provider near you who falls in your plan’s network is by searching on your plan provider’s online website search system.  Online searching system asks you only for two things which are:

  • Your location’s zip code.
  • And type of medical service which you need.

After entering search, system will list down all best possible available service providers near you.  Search system works for finding almost every kind of service provider ranging from pharmacies to dental care etc.

essential thing is that if you choose a service provider who was listed in  search result and make an appointment with that provider even then before going to that provider you should double check that whether that provider really falls in your plan’s network or not because it is possible that  website can give you false results as well.