Tips for getting the most out of Medicare Supplement plans

There are a lot of Medicare Supplement plans to choose from. These plans are also known as Part C. Medicare supplement plans are another way for beneficiaries to receive their Medicare benefits. Each of these is meant to offer everything covered under Original Medicare, i.e. Part A and B with hospice care being the exception.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Humana Medicare Supplement plan.

How Does Medicare plan work?

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Private insurance companies such as Humana administer Medicare Supplement (MA) plans. Before any insurance company can offer MA plans, Medicare must first approve them. Once a month, Humana receives a fixed amount from company that it uses to cover all costs according to the rules that have been put down. These plans also include several types of benefits, and they usually vary by plan. Some plans also offer coverage for prescription drugs. The different options that are available include:

  • Preferred provider organization or PPO.
  • Health maintenance organization or HMO.
  • Private fee for service or PFFS.
  • Medical savings account or MSA.
  • HMO Point of service or HMOPOS.
  • Special needs plan or SNP


  • You can find companies that offer premiums of zero dollars for their supplement plan. Your state and county of residence will determine if this plan is available to you.
  • Apart from those benefits, MA plans also include additional benefits that are usually not covered by Part A or Part B. in addition; your plan can also cover the additional benefits that are not covered under Part A as well as Part B.
  • These also consist of a maximum out-of-pocket limit as well as a limit on how much you can spend on health costs each year. Once you’ve reached your limit, you’ll no longer have to pay anything for the services covered. These limits can differ and your amount can increase or decrease every year.

How to choose the plan?

Choosing a plan is always going to be up to you and will always be dependent on what is best for your medical and financial needs. Before choosing any plan, make sure you read all the details as well as the fine print. Also, compare the costs, benefits, and restrictions of each option available to you. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor or an expert.