Why Medicare Supplement Plan?

The Medicare supplement plans 2017 are also known as the MA plans or the Medicare Part C. These plans are very comfortable for many people because they have the characteristics and benefits which can be found in the Original Medicare such as Medicare Part A (for taking care of hospitalization costs) and Part B (for covering costs of doctor visits). Not all but some of  the Medicare supplement plan providing insurance companies also offer  coverage for services like hearing, vision, and sometimes a fitness program (gym), 24/7 nurse helping, and a wellness program as well etc.

Medicare Supplement plans 2019

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According to us, the Medicare Supplement prescription drug plan is a far better choice than simple one because it offers you not only Part A and Part B but also Part D of Medicare which is responsible for covering prescription drug costs. So, it is a great plan if you want all major services covered less than one roof. It is also known as MAPD plan. Therefore, a MAPD scheme seems to be a good option if you want to have your prescription covered as well.

But there can be a problem for you regarding  MAPD because sometimes  providers only cover certain medications and your medication does not fall in that category, therefore, to avoid such confusion and problems you should talk with  plan providers that is your medication covered with this scheme or not and then make your mind. Sometimes you can file a request to your provider as well for coverage of certain prescription drug.